• 2015

    Vice President of China Hotel Association
    AAA Level Enterprise in Chinese Hotel Industry
    oom Linen Leading Brand in China Hotel Supplies Industry
    2013-2014 Consecutive Annual Contract Keeping and Grade CreditEnterprise

  • 2014

    2013 Famous Brand in Chinese Hotel Supplies Industry
    2014 China(Guangdong) Most Popular Hotel Supplies Brand of International Tourism Industry Exposition
    Contract Keeping and Great Credit Enterprise in Guangdong Provice
    The 14th Chines Hotel Golden Horse Award

  • 2013

    The 13th Chinese Hotel Golden Horse Award (2012-2013 Chinese Hotel Industry Gold Brand Supplier)
    AAA Grade Credit Enterprise in China
    High Quality Product in China
    Famous Brand in China
    High Quality and Great Credit Enterprise
    The Most Competitive Brand Intra-Industry

  • 2012

    2012 The Most Innovative Brand of The Third Chinese Catering Industry Exposition
    2011 Annual Best Credit Member of Guangdong Hotel Supplies Industry Association
    Recommended Brand Hotel Supplies Brand in Asia-Pacific Region
    Most Popular Hotel Supplies Enterprise of China(Guangdong) Tourism Industry Exposition
    2011-2012 Ten of Most Popular Hotel Textile Supplies in Chinese Hotel Supplies Industry

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