The meaning of the "TAI" is good, excellent."TANG" is the Tang dynasty, the Chinese economic heyday, the silk road originated period.Our company was named "TAITANG" as we want to pass on the silk road of the Chinese culture, to the development of a new, the height of the peak.We focus on building a famous, global services of well-known brands in the world.

       TAI is focusing on meticulous service. TANG is the source of the silk road.Basing on the excellent concept,we inherit Chinese culture and strive for perfection.




       There are five through up and down warp and weft lines, knitting left to right and paralleling orderly. The divergent warp and weft from center to all directions is textile line stripes.It means our company start from textile business and we take “all around the world”as our development direction. It also reflects our operate concept,providing one-stop complete and orderly service.

       The double”T” pattern is the capital word of “TAITANG”.The design means we combine the modern with traditional,Chinese culture with international culture.The round outline of the logo shows our service locate on international,facing to the whole world.We provide comprehensive services for you.Red color means passion and energy.White stripe means our high quality products and service.We are committed to do meticulously, without blemish.


       Perfection is a kind of pursuit, from extreme products,acme service, to outstanding enterprise culture . We have always been strict with ourselves.From the extension of product category, to the whole industry chain, TAITANG is trying to give customers a better model, provide a full range of hotel supplies services to our customers.

       “Meet the demand of the perfection for you”is not only what we promise you,but also what we demand on ourselves.Following the fashion trend,we design the products on the basis of  your actual needs.We provide the goods with all of our heart.

       We are struggling for a strong TAITANG.We are trying our best to provide the best service for you.TAITANG,BE YOUR HOTEL SUPPLIES ADVISOR.We hope to grow together with you.

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